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Having a healthy relationship with yourself is key

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, past trauma, grief, low self-esteem, or stress, getting support from a trusted professional therapist goes a long way toward moving forward. Individual therapy is an opportunity for personal growth. Speaking openly about your feelings and experiences helps set the stage for long-term healing. My goal is to provide a caring space for you to share your story and reflect on your life in a way that feels safe.

Our therapy work will be guided by your unique needs and often promotes self-advocacy, strength, and mind/body wellness. We will develop a personalized plan as we meet one-on-one to discuss your current symptoms and stressors. We will develop action plans for new ways of communicating, as well as coping skills and strategies to address your feelings and experiences. Through increased self-awareness, you will take steps forward to a healthier future. Having a healthy relationship with yourself is key to being able to build connections in relationships with others.

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When love becomes a struggle or chore, seeking help to get things back on track makes sense

Marriage Counseling provides a safe and supportive space for both of you to explore your emotions, resolve differences, improve communication, and deepen your love and connection. Behind every great relationship are hard times. They require people to move through their fears and do the work necessary to move forward. I work with couples looking for greater intimacy, dealing with parenting issues or coping with marital distress. Marriage counseling helps improve communication and rebuild hope. It is about enabling each person to be heard and to hear themselves. By encouraging couples to communicate their emotions effectively I guide them toward healing past hurts and creating an intimate, secure bond.

Premarital Counseling : : Preparing for forever.

The goal is to form healthy habits before saying “I Do”. Premarital Counseling is a specialized type of couples therapy that helps partners grow more connected, identify any problem areas, or blind spots, and have serious conversations before tying the knot. I will guide you in discussions and assignments about children, religion, careers, finances and more so that there are fewer surprises down the road. A benefit of premarital counseling is that it can help couples strengthen their communication skills before they get married. That means they will have a roadmap and tools for addressing any issues that arise in the future.

New & Expectant Parents : : Start your parenting journey with confidence.

Becoming a parent is one of the most significant life transitions couples go through. Like any big transition, the journey to parenthood can be a time of growth and connection, and it can also bring stress and uncertainty. Most couples experience big shifts in the way they relate to one another, and many couples can benefit from couples counseling before their new baby comes along. My goal is to make your transition to parenthood as smooth as possible with new parent counseling. Maintaining a strong relationship with healthy communication will make you better able to handle what lies ahead. And a successful relationship bodes best for managing lack of sleep, new financial constraints, and less time spent together.

I will support you both in our work together with empathy, objectivity, and grace.

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Navigating life’s challenges with compassion and care.

The family unit is one of the most valuable and influential aspects of an individual's life. Family dynamics are complex. Family wellness and balance are impacted by the beliefs, behaviors and emotional wellness of each individual member of the family system. Family therapy seeks to reduce distress and conflict by improving the interactions between family members. By improving positive communication with your family, I will guide you through the process of healing and help your family create positive interactional patterns that will nourish the on-going growth of your family system.

Family therapy is an ideal method for helping family members adjust to a blended family way of life, or an immediate family member struggling with a condition such as an addiction, abuse, medical issue, loss or behavioral issues. It is also highly effective in improving communication, breaking unhealthy patterns, and reducing conflict. If you are concerned about certain issues or simply want to improve your current way of relating, family therapy services can offer the space and support you need.

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Charting a path to personal growth and well-being.

Life Skills Development is appropriate for anyone who may struggle with daily difficulties. Struggles may include daily motivation, maintaining a work pace and progress, adjusting to change, setting and achieving goals, time management, procrastination, test and performance anxiety, planning, and organization. Social anxiety and trouble socializing are also very common and can be addressed. Through therapy and observation, we can identify root causes and address these issues with an actionable plan. I will provide support and guidance for transforming the areas and obstacles that stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

Career Counseling : : Take ownership of your career path.

Whether you are looking for a new job, to earn a promotion, increase compensation, change fields, or transform your whole career, Career Counseling can help you. A great career starts with planning. Map out and define your goals to identify what you need in a job to be truly happy. Career Counseling can identify your strengths and values, then guide you towards careers that are compatible with these attributes. Through Counseling you can learn communication styles, negotiation methods, listening and conflict management to reach greater career satisfaction.

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