Hello and Welcome!

I specialize in calming the chaos, building healthy relationships, and nurturing personal well-being. 

I enjoy working with adults, children, teens, couples and families.

In a safe and supportive environment you can share your thoughts and your struggles without judgment or criticism. 

With my knowledge and insight I will bring clarity and understanding into your situation and help you take positive steps to find relief, overcome obstacles, improve communication, and embrace opportunities for positive growth.

You will gain confidence, insight, and increased capacity to enjoy your life and navigate your relationships as we work together.

I know that it can be difficult to reach out for help. The good news is, I will meet you with compassion, support, and encouragement. Whatever challenges you are facing right now…I would like to help!

Reach out to me today for a free 15-minute consultation or to make an appointment.
Call 949.444.9875 or email ReneeGardner@outlook.com

Renee Gardner
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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